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Not sure it is for you? Below are frequent comments we hear from candidates.

“Just not enough time” - We all had the concern of limited time available to serve our community, before joining the department. But we learned the department is flexible and the time requirements were manageable. Most of us hold a full-time job, have a family, and kids. We want our members to prioritize their family, but this is doable with the busiest schedule and the gratification is worth it.

“ I am not sure I am fit enough” - While we want our members to be fit enough to function on the fire ground, it not for everyone. Those not physically able to function as an interior fire fighter may be able to fill one of our other roles.

”I don’t have a clue how to be a fire fighter”-Very few of us knew how to be a fire fighter when we joined. We provide the training and mentorship needed for new members. Our new members feel very confident in their progression only after a few months of training.

“ I can’t take the risk, I have a family to support” - Safety is our first priority. While we would never say there is no risk in the fire service, we can say we work continuously to reduce risk. Our motto is “Risk little to save a little”. Our officers and fire fighters focuses on safety at every incident. On the other hand, you will learn skills during training that will help you to keep your family safe at home.

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Thank you for visiting the Pike Road Fire Department Online. Here you will find more information about how you can help the Pike Road Fire Department, whether by joining as a volunteer fireman or by making a donation to the fire department. Select the About page to learn more on how our volunteer fire department began and our current fire rating, that directly affects you through homeowners insurance rates. We believe that you will discover that our Fire Department is among the best in the State and hope that you, our community that we serve, will continue to offer your crucial support. 

Volunteer Training- Our volunteers attend training classes every Tuesday night at 7:00pm at Station #1 on Wallahatchie Road.  More than 40 volunteers from the community such as lawyers, business owners, city/state employees, and all kinds of other professions by day, serve as volunteers by night. In addition, many volunteers are available for calls during the day.

For more information or questions please email info@pikeroadfire.com or call Station #1 Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at 334-271-1048.

For an emergency DIAL 911.


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2018 Fire Fighter Awards

Major Miles Award  Payton Bumpers

Major Miles Award Payton Bumpers

Dedication and Commitment Fire Fighter  Blake Cohen

Dedication and Commitment Fire Fighter Blake Cohen

Dedication and Commitment Officer  Lt. Joel Cohen

Dedication and Commitment Officer Lt. Joel Cohen

Impact Recruit Award  Payton Bumpers

Impact Recruit Award Payton Bumpers

Fire Fighter of Year  Lt. Joel Cohen

Fire Fighter of Year Lt. Joel Cohen

Are you ready to serve your community, meet new people, and have a sense of accomplishment?
Congrats to the Pike Road Fire Dept recruit graduates 2015 -2016