Our volunteer organization was started in the 70's in the Pike Road community with one 1957 American LaFrance Pumper which was stored in a local farmer's barn. In order to put fuel in the pumper, the proverbial "hat" was passed to collect money from the community. In the 70's as well as today, the community supported the fire department with great fervor. Since we do not have the resources (or expenses) of a city fire department, supporting our department becomes a "win-win" situation for everyone. Only through community involvement and financial support can this fire department continue to exist. Thus far, the community has allowed for this department to grow from a one pumper department in a barn, to SIX Fire Stations, with 5 Pumpers, 1- 75 ft. Ladder/Pumper, 2 Tankers, 2 medical Rescue vehicles, 1 brush truck, 1 education/smokehouse trailer, a fire service/support vehicle, and recently added a 2014 Kubota Fire/Rescue ATV. In return, the community benefits from better fire protection and lower insurance costs for homeowners.

ISO Rating

Most all of the fire departments in America are rated by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) to determine each department's fire fighting ability based on equipment, personnel, communications, and water supply. Most insurance companies use this method to determine how much they will charge homeowners and businesses in a particular fire departments territory or district . The better the rating the lower the insurance rates. Up until 2001, our department was rated ISO 8 for anyone within 5 road miles of one of our stations and provided you are within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant. After being inspected and rated by ISO in May of 2001, they lowered our rating to ISO 6. This meant a tremendous savings in insurance costs for most homeowners in our district. Many reported saving 35% to 45% in their annual insurance costs. A more recent survey in 2013 has again lowered our rating to an improved class 5/5, again decreasing the homeowners insurance premiums for most of our eligible citizens!


Emergency Medical services (EMS) 

Three out of every four calls to the PRFD are for emergency medical assistance. For example, PRFD responds to heart attacks, strokes, breathing problems, as well as auto accidents when they occur in the community. Many volunteers maintain licenses from the State of Alabama as emergency medical technicians. While we cannot transport patients, we can stabilize victims and prepare them for transport. In addition, we perform life saving procedures with either CPR and/or Electric shock using our Semi Automatic Defibrillator.